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We connect great project ideas to the people, councils, companies and grant-makers ready and willing to fund them.

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Running a project has never been easier.

Build your project

Preparing for and running a Citizenville campaign is hard work and great fun in equal measure. If you prepare well, you’ll boost your chances of having a successful and exciting project. Consider your budget, networks, goal, and deadlines.

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Get feedback

The Citizenville will verify your project benefits the community. Once approved, we will provide personal support to help you reach your fundraising goal!

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Launch it to the world!

Getting media coverage is a great way to build awareness and get more people donating to your project but it’s not always the easiest to do. We will work with you to kickstart your project. 

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Track funding progress

Through the Citizenville Dashboard, you will be able to track your funding progress and provide project updates to your supporters.

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When a project hits its target, Citizenville send an email around to all backers, informing them that the project was successfully funded and the project creator is stay in contact during the implementation stage.

After this email, Citizenville will collect the donations to send them to the project creator within 1-2 weeks. If a project creator has not verified their Stripe account then the funds transferral is delayed. When planning your campaign time frame please factor these potential delays in if you are in a rush with your project.

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Keep backers in the loop

As you implement the project, we require project creators to provide regular updates to the donors to keep them in the loop of the project. 

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