How to Create a Project

So you have a great idea for improving your neighborhood—a way to make it safer, greener, more livable, or just more fun. Or maybe you’re already leading a nonprofit in operations! 

Now, you want to use Citizenville to help you raise money, find volunteers, and get the word out. Perfect—this is what we’re all about!

The next step is to set up and launch your Citizenville campaign/project. That may sound intimidating, but we’ve broken it down into four simple steps. It’s pretty quick and pretty easy, and we promise we’ll be here to help!

1.) Log-in / Register

Login to to register or login. Once logged in or registered, you will be on your account page that looks like the screenshot below. Click the green “Citizenville Dashboard” button at the top right. 

This page provides a snapshot of your campaign/project. Click the green ‘Add New Campaign’ to add your first campaign! See screenshot below. 

2.) Create Your Project

This will direct you to where you can tell us the basics of your project using the form – the name of your project, upload a picture, brief description, start/end dates, fundraising goals, and reward options for those that contribute to your campaign. A Citizenville staff member will take a gander at your campaign and contact you within a day to talk it over. We will primarily focus on helping you map out your fundraising strategy using the Prospect Chart (see picture below) 

3.) Promote Your Campaign! 

Once your page is live, you can start spreading the word about your project—online, on the ground, and from the rooftops! We’ll be there to help you all along the way, with trainings and resources designed just for new ioby leaders like you. And you’re also welcome to call us up anytime for advice. We want to see your project succeed as much as you do!

See, that wasn’t so crazy, was it?

We hope you’ll get started today! We’re excited to welcome you to our movement of leaders who are making positive change in their neighborhoods, block by block.

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