Donate to Citizenville

With financial support from our partners and donors like you, we are able to carry out our mission. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. is an approved IRS 501(c)(3). See how we use your donations:


Project Recruitment & Support

We build relationships with key institutions throughout cities to encourage and cultivate citizens to become leaders for their community. Your donation will help us work with project creators to coach them through successfully fundraising for their project, and organizing their networks around the project to ensure its sustainable.

Physical Space

We are are in the initial phase of building “The Embassy”. It will be a place for community to gather, eat, live, work, and play. Your donation will help us purchase the property and cover some startup costs.

Digital Platform

Build and maintain the complex technical infrastructure that securely facilitates communications and financial transactions through the Citizenville platform.

Donation FAQ

Why should I donation to Citizenville?

Donations to Citizenville’s operating expenses are vital to the success and sustainability of Citizenville. As an organization we’re committed to sending the crowdfunded contributions to the project creators. We primarily support our operations through optional donations from users, who choose to donate in addition to their donations to the crowdfunding campaigns they support. We truly rely on large, one-off gifts and individual donors to keep the wheels turning. We also raise funds through grants, interest earned on our bank accounts, corporate sponsors and foundations.

How does Citizenville use donations?

Citizenville’s staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every dollar donated to Citizenville is used efficiently. For every $1 donated, Citizenville supports 12 changemakers in communities across Mississippi!

Donations support a variety of programs, including:

— Sending passionate staff to counties all across Mississippi to cultivate new partnerships, expand Citizenville’s reach and perform due diligence and monitoring.
— Building and maintaining the complex technical infrastructure that facilitates over thousands in crowdfunded donations each week.
— Training and supporting several dozen volunteers who help organize workshops, assist in GUMBO event day operations, and support our partners who crowdfund on the site. 
— Developing engagement programs and meaningful events that take the online connections offline. 

Are donation tax deductible?

Yes, all donations to Citizenville are considered tax-deductible charitable contributions in the United States.

Citizenville is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, registered in the state of Mississippi. 

Can I donate by check?

Absolutely. To make a donation to Citizenville’s operating expenses by check, please do the following:

Step 1: Write your check payable to ‘Citizenville’

Step 2: On the back of the check, write ‘Donate All’ and the mailing address where you’d like to receive a donation receipt (if different from the address on the check)

Step 3: Mail the check to:

Attn: JJ Townsend
622 Duling Ave, Suite #220
Jackson, MS 39286

Donation receipts will be provided by mail for offline donations. 

Are there other ways I can financially support Citizenville?

In addition to donating directly to Citizenville, there are other ways that you can support Citizenville’s operations:

— Ask your company if they match donations
Check directly with your company to see if they will double your donations to Citizenville’s operating expenses. Many companies will match charitable donations their employees make. 

If you need Citizenville to fill out a matching request for your donation, send the form as an attachment to

— Dedicate your Amazon purchases to Citizenville
Make Citizenville your charity of choice using Amazon Smile.

— Include Citizenville in your will, trust or estate planning
Thank you for considering such a meaningful way to contribute to Citizenville.

— Volunteer your time
Citizenville volunteers are vital to the work we do! If you’re looking to give of your time, learn more about all of our volunteer and internship opportunities here.

Are you a company interested in partnering with Citizenville?

Citizenville’s corporate and foundation partners are key to our success! Whether it’s a grant to support our most innovative work, or a customized program to engage your customers and employees – we’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with you. Contact us at