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Citizenville is a 501(c)3 driven to help you make lasting positive change in your community. We offer fiscal sponsorship so that you can accept tax-deductible donations whether or not you are incorporated as a nonprofit.

Our Project creators say

I'm glad we used the Citizenville platform to attract new volunteers and get more funding for our homeless ministry! ​
Veda Johny
SOUL, Founder
Such an amazing asset to the community! I love how the GUMBO event helps me stay connected to awesome projects.
Jena Howie
Nolia Coins, Founder
Citizenville's GUMBO event is an awesome concept and a great way to bring the community together to support each other’s ideas! I can't wait to continue supporting the events in the future!
Leo Chalmet
GUMBO Supporter
We won a microgrant from Citizenville's GUMBO event that helped fund our after school initiative. Very thankful that something like this exist!
Zoe Powell

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With financial support from our partners and donors like you, we are able to continue hosting the GUMBO dinners and supporting the projects that crowdfund on our platform. Your contribution is 100% tax deductible. Citizenville.org is an approved IRS 501(c)(3).

Popular projects

EPIC Mississippi

EPIC Mississippi is a text message (soon to be App) program that provides local Mississippi parents with daily tips and

$0.00 Raised 0%
$2,000.00 Goal
Mississippi, United States (US)

Embracing Diversity: Connecting Mississppi

Connecting Mississippi is an opportunity to experience and enjoy the diversity within our local community.  Vendors will be

$0.00 Raised 0%
$700.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Jackson, MS, United States (US)

West African Dance Class and Healing Circle

Free Community West African Dance Class and healing circle designed to support the mental and physical health of the

$0.00 Raised 0%
$3,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Jackson, MS, United States (US)

JubileeJxn Resource Tools

Online platform that connects people to the resources they need.

$0.00 Raised 0%
$2,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Jackson, MS, United States (US)

JSU W.E.B Du Bois M.L.A Harvey Honors College Debate Team


  • 2nd overall at the first National HBCU

$0.00 Raised 0%
$5,000.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Jackson, MS, United States (US)

Camping for a Cause – Presented by SIPP

SIPP Coffeehouse is in works to become a

$507.50 Raised 101.50%
$500.00 Goal
0 Days to Go
Greenwood, MS, United States (US)
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